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✅ Smooth and Accurate

The HyperX Pulsefire Mat provides a smooth and consistent surface for precise mouse movements. The high-quality fabric ensures optimal tracking, allowing for quick and accurate cursor control. Whether you're making precise shots or executing fast-paced maneuvers, this mouse pad delivers the responsiveness you need to dominate the game.

✅ Generous Size

With a generous size, the HyperX Pulsefire Mat gives you plenty of room to maneuver your mouse. Its large surface area provides ample space for both low-sensitivity and high-sensitivity gameplay. No matter your playstyle, this mouse pad offers the space you need to excel in your favorite games.

✅ Durable Construction

Built to withstand intense gaming sessions, the HyperX Pulsefire Mat is made with durable materials that can handle the demands of competitive gaming. The high-quality fabric surface is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance. The anti-fray stitching around the edges adds extra durability, preventing the mouse pad from fraying over time.

✅ Non-Slip Base

Stay in control at all times with the non-slip rubber base of the HyperX Pulsefire Mat. It provides a secure grip on any surface, preventing the mouse pad from slipping or sliding during intense gaming moments. Focus on your gameplay without any distractions or interruptions.

✅ Easy to Clean

The HyperX Pulsefire Mat is easy to clean, allowing you to maintain its pristine condition. Simply wipe away dirt, dust, and spills with a damp cloth, and your mouse pad will be ready for the next gaming session.

Enhance your gaming experience with the HyperX Pulsefire Mat - Itachi Edition. Immerse yourself in the world of gaming with the perfect combination of style and performance. Get ready to unleash your skills and leave your mark on the gaming battlefield.

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✅ Unleash the Power of Precision Audio

Immerse yourself in high-end audio performance with the Razer TriForce 50mm Drivers. Experience every detail and nuance of your games with exceptional clarity and accuracy.

✅ Crystal Clear Communication

The Razer HyperClear Cardioid Mic ensures that your voice is captured with enhanced precision. Communicate with your teammates clearly and effectively, giving you a competitive edge in every game.

✅ Uninterrupted Focus

Enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions with advanced passive noise cancellation. Block out distractions and stay fully immersed in your gameplay, allowing for maximum concentration and focus.

✅ Comfort that Lasts

Designed for extended gaming sessions, the lightweight design of the BlackShark V2 X ensures long-lasting comfort. The memory foam ear cushions provide a plush and comfortable fit, allowing you to game for hours without discomfort.

✅ Accurate Positional Audio

Immerse yourself in a 7.1 surround sound experience. Hear every footstep, gunshot, and environmental cue with precision, giving you a competitive advantage by accurately tracking your opponents' movements.

✅ Cross-Platform Compatibility

The BlackShark V2 X is equipped with a 3.5mm jack, providing cross-platform compatibility for use across devices. Whether you're gaming on PC, Mac, PlayStation, or other compatible platforms, this headset has got you covered.

✅ Take Your Competitive Play to the Next Level

With the Razer BlackShark V2 X, you'll experience the ultimate gaming audio package. Embrace the sound of esports and elevate your gameplay with superior audio performance, crystal clear communication, and long-lasting comfort. Dominate your opponents and ascend to pro-level gaming.



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✅ Immersive Gaming with Enhanced Comfort

Designed for gamers, the Quantum 100 features a closed-back over-ear design and memory foam earpads. Stay fully engaged in the action while enjoying optimal comfort for extended gaming sessions.

✅ Clear Communication and Precise Directional Pickup

The adjustable and removable boom mic on the left earcup ensures crystal-clear communication with your teammates. It provides precise directional pickup, allowing for effective coordination during intense gaming sessions.

✅ Hands-On Control at Your Fingertips

Easily make adjustments on the fly with the convenient controls located on the headset. Take charge of your audio settings without breaking your focus, giving you a competitive edge.

✅ Powerful Audio Performance

Equipped with 40mm dynamic drivers, the Quantum 100 delivers powerful and immersive sound. Experience a wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, capturing every detail of in-game audio for a truly immersive gaming experience.

✅ Windows Sonic Spatial Sound

Enjoy the full surround sound experience with Windows Sonic Spatial Sound. The Quantum 100 is compatible with both Windows and Xbox One, providing you with a competitive advantage and a truly immersive audio experience.

✅ Multi-Platform Compatibility

The JBL Quantum 100 goes beyond PC gaming. It is compatible with Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms, including VR setups. No matter your gaming platform of choice, the Quantum 100 is ready to deliver exceptional audio performance.

✅ Stay at the Top of Your Game

With the JBL Quantum 100 Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset, you can stay fully immersed in your gaming world. Experience comfort, clear communication, and powerful audio performance across multiple platforms. Elevate your gaming experience and dominate the competition like never before.

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✅ Immersive Audio and Precise Positioning

Our gaming headset features the latest 4D displacement virtual speaker technology, delivering a truly immersive gaming experience. The built-in 50MM driver and 7.1 surround stereo audio decoder enhance sound quality and provide accurate positioning of in-game footsteps and audio cues.

✅ Crystal Clear Communication

The 360° pick-up noise-canceling microphone ensures clear and smooth communication during intense gaming sessions. Say goodbye to echo and enjoy solid, distortion-free voice transmission. The independent volume and mute controls allow for easy adjustment and customization, putting you in control of your gaming experience.

✅ Comfortable and Adjustable Design

Designed for long hours of gaming, our headset boasts a lightweight and ergonomic design. The circular 3D trim skin soft earmuffs provide superior comfort and breathability. The adjustable headband fits all head sizes, and the thickened sponge support ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

✅ Stylish and Durable

Stand out with the coolest RGB lighting design that features seven large breathing lights. The smooth and simple color transitions add a touch of style to your gaming setup. The metal headband, made of titanium alloy, guarantees durability and longevity. Our anti-pulling wires have undergone rigorous testing, ensuring resistance and reliability even during intense gaming sessions.

✅ Multi-Platform Compatibility

Enjoy gaming across various platforms with ease. Our headset is compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, PC, Nintendo Switch/3DS, Mac, iOS/Android devices, laptops, computers, PSP, iPads, and mobile phones. No matter your gaming platform of choice, our headset has you covered.

Upgrade Your Gaming Experience: Elevate your gaming experience to new heights with our advanced 4D virtual tech gaming headset. Immerse yourself in stunning audio, enjoy crystal-clear communication, and experience unmatched comfort and durability. Our headset is the perfect companion for all your gaming adventures, allowing you to conquer any virtual world with confidence and style.

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Elevate Your Communication and Entertainment with Trucker Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset!

✅ Crystal-Clear Calls, Noise-Free Conversations

Say goodbye to background noise and enjoy crystal-clear calls with the Trucker Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset. Equipped with advanced noise-canceling technology, this headset ensures that your voice comes through loud and clear, even in noisy environments.

✅ Seamless Connectivity, Multi-Device Compatibility

Stay connected and effortlessly switch between your phone and PC with the Trucker Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset. Its wireless technology allows for seamless pairing and reliable connectivity, giving you the freedom to move around without being tethered by wires.

✅ Comfortable Fit, All-Day Wear

Designed for extended use, the Trucker Bluetooth Headset provides a comfortable fit that won't strain your ears. The adjustable headband and soft ear cushions ensure a secure and comfortable fit, making it ideal for long hours of use during work or entertainment.

✅ Premium Sound Quality, Immersive Experience

Experience immersive audio with the Trucker Bluetooth Headset. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, this headset delivers high-quality sound with deep bass and crisp treble, enhancing your entertainment experience to a whole new level.

✅ Long Battery Life, Uninterrupted Performance

Enjoy uninterrupted communication and entertainment with the long battery life of the Trucker Bluetooth Headset. With up to XX hours of talk time and XX hours of music playback, you can go about your day without worrying about running out of battery.

✅ Intuitive Controls, Effortless Operation

Take control with ease using the intuitive controls of the Trucker Bluetooth Headset. Adjust the volume, play/pause music, answer/end calls, and activate voice assistants with simple button presses, allowing for convenient and hands-free operation.

✅ Sleek and Professional Design

The Trucker Bluetooth Headset combines style and functionality with its sleek and professional design. Its compact and lightweight build ensures a stylish appearance without compromising on performance, making it a perfect accessory for both work and leisure.

✅ Versatile and Reliable

The Trucker Bluetooth Headset is not limited to just phone or PC use. It is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Stay connected and enjoy seamless communication and entertainment no matter what device you're using.

✅ Upgrade Your Communication Experience

Upgrade your communication and entertainment with the Trucker Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset. Enjoy crystal-clear calls, immersive audio, and hassle-free operation, all wrapped in a comfortable and stylish package. Take your communication and entertainment to new heights with the Trucker Bluetooth Headset and stay connected wherever you go.

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✅ Immersive Sound, Unmatched Style

Experience audio like never before with Skullcandy HESH 2 headphones. Immerse yourself in rich, dynamic sound that brings your music to life. With sleek and stylish design, these headphones are not just a listening device, but a fashion statement.

✅ Powerful Bass, Crisp Details

Get ready to feel the deep, powerful bass that resonates through your bones. The HESH 2 headphones deliver an impressive audio performance, balancing booming lows with crystal-clear highs for a truly immersive listening experience.

All-Day Comfort, Endless Listening: Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to all-day listening pleasure. The plush synthetic leather ear cushions and adjustable headband of the HESH 2 headphones ensure a comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy your music for hours on end without any fatigue.

✅ Wireless Freedom, Seamless Connectivity

Cut the cords and enjoy wireless freedom with Bluetooth technology. The HESH 2 headphones offer seamless connectivity to your devices, allowing you to move freely while enjoying your favorite tracks with no tangled wires to hold you back.

✅ Long-Lasting Battery, Non-Stop Beats

Keep the music playing for extended periods with the impressive battery life of the HESH 2 headphones. With up to 20 hours of continuous playback, you can enjoy your music throughout the day without worrying about running out of power.

✅ Built to Endure, Designed to Impress

Crafted with durability in mind, the HESH 2 headphones are built to withstand your active lifestyle. The rugged construction and high-quality materials ensure these headphones can handle the bumps, drops, and twists of everyday use while still looking sleek and stylish.

✅ Intuitive Controls, Effortless Functionality

Take control of your music with ease. The HESH 2 headphones feature intuitive controls that allow you to adjust volume, skip tracks, and answer calls with just a touch. Stay connected and in control without ever reaching for your device.

✅ Unleash Your Personal Style

Express your individuality with a range of vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. The HESH 2 headphones offer a variety of options to match your personal style and make a bold statement wherever you go.

✅ Upgrade Your Audio Experience

Elevate your music to new heights with Skullcandy HESH 2 headphones. Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and exceptional sound quality that will revolutionize your listening experience and take your audio adventure to the next level.

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✅ Unleash the Power of JBL Tune 510BT Headphones and Dive into a World of Limitless Sound!

✅ Immerse in JBL Pure Bass Sound

Experience the powerful and immersive JBL Pure Bass sound that will transport you to a new level of audio bliss. These wireless headphones deliver exceptional sound quality with no strings attached.

✅ Seamless Wireless Streaming

With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, enjoy seamless wireless streaming of your favorite music, podcasts, and more. The JBL Tune 510BT headphones ensure a stable and reliable connection for uninterrupted audio enjoyment.

✅ Extended Battery Life and Quick Charging

Don't let battery life hold you back. These headphones offer an impressive 40 hours of playtime, allowing you to indulge in your favorite tunes for hours on end. Plus, with just 5 minutes of charging using the USB-C cable, you can enjoy an additional 2 hours of battery life.

✅ Multi-Point Connections

Stay connected to multiple devices effortlessly. The JBL Tune 510BT headphones support multi-point connections, enabling you to switch seamlessly between devices. Whether you're watching a video on your tablet or receiving a call on your phone, these headphones have got you covered.

✅ Hands-Free Calls

Take hands-free calls with ease. The JBL Tune 510BT headphones feature a built-in microphone, allowing you to answer calls without the hassle of reaching for your phone. Stay connected and never miss an important call.

✅ Comfortable and Portable Design

Designed for your comfort and convenience, these headphones are lightweight and foldable, making them perfect for on-the-go use. Take them with you wherever you roam and enjoy music wherever life takes you.

✅ Voice Assistant Compatibility

Access Siri or Hey Google with a simple voice command. The JBL Tune 510BT headphones are equipped with voice assistant support, allowing you to control your music, get information, and more, all without reaching for your mobile device.

✅ Vibrant Colors to Match Your Style

Express yourself with style. These headphones are available in multiple fresh and vibrant colors, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your personality and taste.

✅ Inject Music into Your Busy Life

The JBL Tune 510BT headphones are the ultimate grab 'n go solution for injecting music into every aspect of your busy life. Whether you're working, traveling, or simply relaxing, these headphones provide the perfect soundtrack for your daily adventures.

✅ Experience the Freedom of Limitless Sound with JBL Tune 510BT Headphones and Elevate Your Audio Experience to New Heights!

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✅ Unmatched Noise Cancellation

Experience industry-leading noise cancellation like never before. Our advanced technology features two powerful processors and 8 microphones, working in perfect harmony to deliver unprecedented noise cancellation. The Auto NC Optimizer automatically adjusts the noise-canceling settings based on your surroundings and how you wear the headphones.

✅ Unparalleled Sound Quality

Get ready for a magnificent sound experience. Our headphones are meticulously engineered with the new Integrated Processor V1, ensuring every note, beat, and lyric is reproduced with exceptional clarity and precision.

✅ Crystal Clear Hands-Free Calls

Enjoy crystal clear calls with our 4 beamforming microphones. They provide precise voice pickup and advanced audio signal processing, guaranteeing that your voice is heard loud and clear.

✅ Extended Battery Life

Keep the music playing all day long. With up to 30 hours of battery life and quick charging capability (just 3 minutes of charging for 3 hours of playback), you'll never have to worry about running out of power.

✅ Unmatched Comfort

Our headphones are designed with your comfort in mind. The ultra-comfortable and lightweight design, combined with the soft fit leather, ensures a cozy fit even during extended listening sessions.

✅ Seamless Connectivity

Stay connected to your world with ease. The multipoint connection feature allows you to effortlessly switch between devices, so you can enjoy your favorite music or take calls on the go.

✅ Sleek and Convenient

Carry your headphones effortlessly with the redesigned case. It offers a stylish and practical solution to keep your headphones protected and easily accessible wherever you go.

✅ Intuitive Touch Controls

Take control with a simple touch. Pause, play, skip tracks, adjust volume, activate your voice assistant, and answer phone calls, all with intuitive touch control settings on the headphones.

✅ Enhanced Convenience

Experience everyday convenience with Speak-to-Chat and Quick Attention modes. These innovative features pause your music and let in ambient sound when you need to have a conversation or be aware of your surroundings.

✅ Instant Pause/Play

Enjoy seamless music playback. Our headphones automatically pause the music when you take them off and resume playback instantly when you put them back on, ensuring a hassle-free listening experience.

Unleash the Power of HarmonyWave Noise-Canceling Headphones and Elevate Your Audio Journey to New Heights!

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✅ Immerse Yourself in Gaming Brilliance with 27 Rainbow Backlit Modes

Enhance your gaming experience with the PICTEK backlit keyboard. Featuring a multitude of captivating lighting effects and customizable options, this keyboard offers 27 unique backlighting modes, including two specifically designed for RTS and FPS games.

✅ Unparalleled Typing Comfort

Experience the ultimate typing satisfaction with the Blue switch, the quintessential switch for mechanical keyboards. Its superior tactical feedback and distinct "Click" sound ensure a delightful typing and gaming experience, making every keystroke a pleasure.

✅ Effortless Access with 12 Multimedia Shortcuts

Simplify your tasks with the 12 convenient multimedia shortcuts. Easily access your email, calculator, media player, and other essential functions such as volume control, play/pause, stop, mute, and previous/next track, all at your fingertips.

✅ Seamless Gaming with Full Key Anti-ghosting

Enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions with the full key anti-ghosting feature. With an 87-key layout that ensures no key conflicts, this compact gaming keyboard guarantees that your multiple key presses will be accurately registered, eliminating any frustrating dropped inputs.

✅ Unmatched Compatibility

Designed for hassle-free usability, this PC gaming keyboard supports plug-and-play functionality, making it incredibly easy and portable to use. It boasts wide compatibility with Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista and is compatible with Mac OS (please note that multimedia shortcuts are not available in Mac OS).

Elevate your gaming performance with the PICTEK backlit keyboard. Immerse yourself in a world of gaming brilliance, typing comfort, and effortless control. Experience the difference and embrace victory like never before.

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✅Immersive Gaming Experience with Customizable RGB Backlight

Experience total immersion in your games with the RGB backlight feature of this wired gaming mouse. With four lighting zones including the scroll wheel, left strip, right strip, and logo, you can customize your gaming aesthetics. Choose from seven adjustable RGB light modes to create a cool and captivating ambiance that enhances your gaming sessions.

✅7 Programmable Buttons and Adjustable DPI

Take control of your gaming experience with the seven programmable buttons and four levels of DPI (800 - 3200 DPI). The intuitive and professional software allows you to find the perfect balance of accuracy and precision. Customize the programmable buttons, DPI settings, polling rate, scroll wheel speed, RGB lighting modes, and more to suit your gaming style. (Note: The programming function is exclusive to Windows systems.)

✅Silent and Durable Clicks

Enjoy a silent gaming experience with this mouse as it produces no noise when clicking the left or right buttons. Say goodbye to worries about disturbing others, making it suitable for public places such as offices, libraries, dormitories, cafes, and more. Rest assured of its durability as it has been tested for up to 5 million clicks.

✅7-Color RGB Backlight

Watch as the mouse automatically cycles through seven vibrant colors, creating a visually stunning gaming atmosphere. This wired gaming mouse is built to last with its durability tested for up to 5 million clicks, ensuring a smooth and responsive performance without any delay or errors.

✅Ergonomic Design for Comfort

Designed for long gaming sessions, this RGB PC gaming mouse delivers an incredibly comfortable and precise experience. Its ergonomic shape is crafted to fit your hand naturally, reducing fatigue and providing optimal comfort during extended gaming sessions.

✅Wide Compatibility and Reliable Quality

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista, this wired gaming mouse is perfect for use with PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and more. Rest assured of its reliable quality, as it is built to withstand the demands of intense gaming and deliver exceptional performance.

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100% quality guarantee
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